Chants of Life
This film explores the lives of African American women and their experiences of Buddhism and healing.

More Precious Than Glass
Efua Word (Fame Word) lived for over 100 years. She was, in the 1940’s, one of the oldest living former slaves in the state of Kentucky. But what was the story and history this woman left as a legacy for a great-great granddaughter born five years after she died? This film explores biography, internal and external spaces, and the power of word in constructing one’s own life.

For over 100 years African Americans in Texas and all over the country have been celebrating a special holiday--Juneteenth. The celebration of freedom is what Juneteenth is all about. Juneteenth, or June 19, 1865 marks the date when many of slaves in the state of Texas learned that they had been freed. This film combines elements of adventure story, mystery, music and family to explore the real experience of Junteenth as seen through the eyes of 11 year old Wallene Terrell Jackson Scott.


Duddley Doubble Speaks
Duddley's perceived “disability” is truly another way of seeing the world.

Marvelously Patient Martha
When young Martha decides what she would really like for her birthday gift, absolutely nothing will dissuade her.


Joyce Gordon Gallery, Website
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